Top 10 Data Scientists in India – 2015

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  1. Ashwini Jha says:

    Dear Bhaskar, i saw the list of the scientist and their achievements , i want to arrange a 4-5 Days Short term training program of “Data science, R Programming, provisioning & Cleaning of Data” for the professors and lecturers of Gujarat, which will be a govt funded program in the month of Dec’16, can you suggest and make liaison, how to proceed and communicate with them as i don’t have their credentials. ashwinibjha@gmail.com

  2. Seema Chowdhury says:

    why no women ???

  3. Kumar Vikramaditya says:

    Great article, Bhasker!! It indeed is a great read about all the pioneers in the field of Data Science at one place. However I do feel that couple of names are missing from this list.

    1. Bhasker Gupta Bhasker Gupta says:

      Sure. Please do suggest names.

  4. Very good article Bhasker. I always had this question running in my mind. The TOP 10 Data Scientist in our Country – 2015. ! Nice read. Thanks a lot.

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