Hackathons Help Us Hire Data Scientists With Core Competencies On A Large Scale: Puneet Gupta, HomeLane

Hackathons have become the go-to solution for recruitment in top IT companies and startups. Over the last few years, hackathons have become a key parameter in the hiring process, with companies testing real-time problem-solving skills through these platforms. Hackathons have…

Meet Balaji SR, winner of Capgemini Tech Challenge 2016 in Data Science

The team InbuiltMinds comprising Saran Kumar Pantangi, Aditya Sethia, Diptangshu Chakrabarty, Vamsikrishna Patchava and Balaji SR took away the winner’s award at the recently concluded Capgemini Tech Challenge 3.0. The third edition of the technology contest by Capgemini was held…

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