Startup of the week- Flickstree: India’s first aggregator of Bollywood and Hollywood movies, powered by AI

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  1. Mayukh Ghosh says:

    Played around with the website….needs a lot of work in terms of presentation…..also thinking how much of the user preferences we are going to be able to judge by limiting the input selection choices. We basically are providing less information to the algorithm to play around with.

    Also we need to tie up with more VIEW sources (as in where the movie is available to watch). At the moment as per the recommendations I received the current tie up seems only with NetFlix. In case the movie is not available on NetFlix then no other VIEW option is suggested.

    As product feature it would be good to provide an option to the user to directly sign in to NetFlix from this website and add the movie to his My List on NetFlix. This might be a revenue source 🙂

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