Start a career in Analytics…… with Excel 2010

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Captain Dash
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  1. Disha Jain says:

    I wanted a suggestion. I just gave my HSC boards. When can i studying for analytics?? What are the requirements?? When can one strat persuing for analytics? Is there any age limit/any specific degree is required?? Please help.

  2. Dr. Pradeep Mavuluri says:

    Below is just one link how bad excel is for analytics, I am not going against excel itself, but excel usage for analytics.

    Also, as Charlie rightly pointed in the below link “Excel is a wonderful tool for many things. Statistics is not among them.”

    Hence, new comers and fresher to this field, be cautious when you use excel for analytics, you can Google how good excel algorithms for analytics and know by yourself.

  3. VMS30 says:

    Thanks Subhashini.
    What are the typical roles that one can work on depending on their skill set in Analytics? Currently in which domains is Analytics applied in India ?

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