Predictive Analytics Has a Future in Education

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  1. Vamsi Bodepudi says:

    Good Article by Sarita . Although the possibilities are many where predictive analytics can enhance both administrative processes and teaching & learning. The main challenge for education institutions as rightly pointed out is the concern on privacy about sharing the data itself.

    Also, one of the major challenges is the leadership team that need to be in place to drive such an initiative. Traditional education institutions need a change of culture and unfortunately in majority of academic institutions, intuition of academic leaders is far more important than what data is telling and willingness to listen to data. This is a serious issue whoch need to be addressed through training.

    But with more and more challenges facing ecademic institutions, in terms of funding and real emphasis on value for money, education establishments will need to rethink how they evolve the strategies and I personally think that they would be forced to apply data based decisions, rather than traditional methods. More and more will fall in line with the concept of data driven decision, this will naturally evolve but the speed of which it will happen on how we prepare our leadership skillset.

    There is a interesting project going on learning analytics – PAR framework

    However I feel that central policy / governing bodies in education should make this a national project/strategy rather than individual education entities trying to solve this on their own. Unless there is a serious commitments from National bodies including quality assurance systems to use these methods, I feel that we will only be trying to move the mountain with just bare hands !

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