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Managing the Employee Efficiency & Variability tradeoff

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  1. Vina Gupta says:

    Increasing labour market flexibility is widely expected to increase firms’ productivity and competitiveness, for instance by enabling firms to screen workers, by avoiding firing costs and by reducing labour costs. In some cases employees may benefit from flexible work arrangements as well: additional job opportunities can make it easier for workers to enter the labour market or to escape unemployment, and they generate the possibility to accumulate human capital on the job. However, increased labour market flexibility comes at a price: as flexible workers are less protected against job loss than workers with permanent jobs, they face higher unemployment risks and lower job tenure. Moreover, working conditions in flexible jobs are often poor.post your comments at http://www.comsumerwins.


  2. Subarna Rana says:

    This is a great article. I can easily connect the concept with my work. Thanks Ashish 🙂

  3. Guru Raja says:

    Innovative concept which can be implemented across the industry. Consistency curve can be one more scale of measurement along with efficiency to improve the productivity.

  4. Sourav Dutta says:

    Wonderful concept. Really useful in operational performance measurement

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