Making a Case for Subscription Based Predictive Analytics Solutions

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  1. Abhinav says:

    Dear Vikas,
    It was a nice read. However, am not sure how would organization provide access or share their sensitive performance data to vendor for getting analytics done. Data security/confidentiality? Do you think subscription based model would sustain at the enterprise level where there are thosands of information consumers to business analyts, leaders and top management. what would be trade off between subscription based and in-house analytics team. You would like to share the business case with me at abhinav.kkb@gmail.com

    1. Vikas Kamra Vikas Kamra says:

      Hi Abhinav,

      There are tools and technologies available that allow secure transfer and access to data from client’s location to vendor location. We use secure FTP, remote access to client work stations over VPN, data masking as some mechanisms to ensure data security along with internal controls. Having said that one can approach any project on case by case basis. Projects involving very sensitive data can be done in house teams or with onsite deployment of vendor’s analytics team. In case data has to be given to a vendor, you need to make sure your vendor has necessary infrastructure, data security controls and authorization levels for protecting the data. Even for internal engagements more robust data governance mechanisms need to be adopted as data access becomes more democratized.

      Subscription models will certainly become more pervasive as we move towards automation of analytics frameworks. You will find lot of successful models already in place, namely, FICO and CIBIL where it makes sense for lending institution to use such score cards instead of reinvent the wheel altogether. BI tools like Tableau offer cloud version. Easy opt-in/opt-out, lower TCO. Your analytics team can co-exist with this shift and focus on more newer initiatives rather than revising, maintaining existing workflows.

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