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Location Analytics: A case study to identify specific customer segment in an area

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  1. sangeeta deogawanka says:

    In the realm of retail, marketing and digital commerce, analytics needs to factor-in the geographic / location aspect….the ‘where is’ question. To the best of my knowledge, Quantta Analytics is the first company in India to provide solutions that integrate GIS with analytics. As the above case study exemplifies, location helps customer profiling and mapping, make site selections, identify best performers, increase conversions with geo-targeting … the list is endless. The location analytics world market is predicted to reach $11.84 billions by 2019, although one is yet to see a report for India.

    1. Quantta Analytics says:

      Hi Sangeeta, thank you very much for your comments. “Where” is a key question when we decide how to grow our business. This is the future!

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