Interview – Snehamoy Mukherjee of Axtria

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  1. Reader says:

    Pretty strong POV I must say, especially, about India and how business is done/being done in India! It sounds like frustrations of not being able to penetrate the India market – that’s 17% of world population and maybe about 5-8% of world consumers (most of whom are not even exposed to the choices available across the world!)

    I wonder why operate out of India in that case… hopefully more than cost arbitrage…

    1. Snehamoy says:

      @ Reader 2 – The irony is that India has the best Analytics Talent in the world and yet Indian corporates are yet to be able to capitalize on that talent. India is not just about cost- arbitrage, it is about availability of Talent, which people like you do not understand. Would be interested if you can tell me one India company that is doing Analytics ( having a team of few Analysts who pull some reports doesn’t qualify as Analytics). The lesser one says about Indian businesses and how they are run, the better it is ! Even the Gulf countries are head of us in crcitical areas like Risk Management practices (using advanced Analytics) in Banks-this is where a few Indian Banks claim to do be doing Analytics since the last 8-9 years. Last but not the least, when you make comments have the courage to disclose your name- another bad feature of Indian corporate ethics(shadow boxing).

  2. Himanshu Manroa says:

    Collector’s item once again! Snehamoy’s interviews as insightful as always!

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