Interview – Roger Schank, Leading Artificial Intelligence Theorist

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  1. Surinder Pal Singh says:

    Absolutely agree with Dr. Schank’s viewpoints. Most AI startups today are merely providing Chatbot type products or purchase assistants. These are more Predictive analytics than AI. Agreed that the analytics gets better with usage as the number of data points and use cases increase and the search trees get better weighing factors to reach better predictions faster but these are not representative of Artificial Intelligence. Having evaluated at least 3 such startups for funding over the past 3 months, they are all more similar than different and none i can say is AI. You need to first understand how the brain makes decisions and these are not just happy or sad as in most sentiment analytics programs. The brain makes 2 broad types of decisions, quick/ instinctive or researched/ deliberated. Most learning machines try to understand or mimic the 2nd type. In my opinion, the ones that are more difficult to mimic are the ones that are of the 1st type and we have very few use cases being made by these startups.

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