Interview – Galit Shmueli, SRITNE Chaired Professor of Data Analytics at ISB Hyderabad

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  1. Sudhanshu Sharma says:


  2. Lakshmikanth S says:

    Good to read especially for who are in analytics so which helps them to understand how important analytics to every industry and what are the skill we should have to provide better results i.e It is the understanding of the thinking behind analytic methods, how they “think”, what they do, and why they are likely to work or not in various circumstances.

    Thanks AIM..

  3. ravikanth.icai@gmail.com says:

    Thanks for the insight into analytics, i work for analytics team in TCS wanted to join the executive-level crash course at ISB what is the admission criteria

  4. Seemanta Khataniar says:

    Very informative..I personally like the following lines “These are not the people who will be running software or programming. They need a deep understanding of the business context and a close link and support from top management”..very very true indeed…

    In reference to Galit’s statement “I look forward to seeing government organizations joining the BA wagon”..I would like to cite the example of Singapore government… http://blogs.hbr.org/davenport/2011/07/singapore_picks_a_winner_in_an.html

    Thanks AIM for sharing this interview….

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