Interview – Dr. Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru, President at International School of Engineering, Hyderabad

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  1. I am a CMU Alumnus who used the ALGOL programming in 1964! and received a Doctorate for a Mathematical Model for the movement of inclusions in steel in 1969! A really ANCIENT TARTAN! My daughter and her spouse are also from CMU. The latter a graduate in Computer Science.

    Currently as President of Technovations International Inc, I am planning to establish a business in India to provide Data Mining and Analytics services for the manufacturing companies. Would you like to collaborate?

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    Dr. Ram K. Iyengar,
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    Land: (978) 842-4587 Cell: 978-842-1488,
    E-mail: technovationsintl@gmail.com,
    website: http://www.technovations.ws

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