Infographics – Analytics India Companies Study 2012

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  1. Saumil Agrawal says:

    Mu-Sigma,Bangalore is acting like an outlier in the above infographic. With the strength 2500+, the average employee strength of all other companies together will not be more than 50

  2. sakshi gupta says:

    i am currently looking for job in analysis im a fresher in IT and have done sas base and advance and am sas advance certified wid 98%
    so plz if you can halp me get a job or guide me would be best

    1. Bhasker Gupta Bhasker Gupta says:

      Sakshi, please refer to the job posting on the site for your query.

    2. Rajesh D says:

      Sakshi, Can you share your coordinates, would like to understand your profile further.

    3. shankareee says:

      Hi Sakshi,

      I am doing SAS Base Course right now. I had purposefully left my job and doing this since i want to set my career in the field of analytics.Guide me on how prepare on the certification part. Suggest me some e books for the preparation as well as pls mail me if you have anything with you. I want some dumps, Sample questions and answers pdf. Pls share the same.My ID is shankareee@gmail.com.

  3. rajesh says:

    Welcome To my World

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