TEG Analytics and Jigsaw Academy Students Partner To Crack Website Sales Of An Automobile Company

At a time when analytics industry is going through a talent crunch and upskilling is…

Top 10 Courses And Training Programs On Artificial Intelligence In India: Ranking 2018

As part of the annual ranking process, Analytics India Magazine brings you this year’s Top…

20 Most Prominent Analytics & Data Science Academicians In India: 2018

While talent gap is a commonly-discussed challenge in the analytics industry, there are many institutes and academicians who are working tirelessly in making professionals and students industry-ready. Analytics India Magazine has compiled…

Industry-Academia Alignment Will Fill The Significant Talent Gap In Analytics, Says Manoj Kumar Of Workplaceif

As part of our theme Analytics Hiring Scenario, we converse with Manoj Kumar, Founder of Workplaceif, an HR analytics startup based in Bengaluru. Before Workplaceif, Kumar worked extensively in business analytics in various premier organisations such as HSBC, Fidelity Investments,…

Learning Data Science Via MOOCs-Methods, Yes. Applicability, Not So much. Domain Knowledge, Hardly

Next in our series of interaction for this month’s theme—Data Science MOOC’s, learning resources, analytics and data science education, is with Ramasubramanian Sundararajan, Head AI Lab and Tapan Khopkar, Head Innovation Lab at Cartesian Consulting. The duo shared their views…

10 Times Tech Legend Paul Allen Spoke About Artificial Intelligence

The co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen’s tryst with personal computers is not unknown. Allen, in his early years played a pivotal role at Microsoft, steering the company’s fortunes and making it a dominant player as an enterprise software. In the…

How Dhinesh R Created The Analytics Team For TVS Credit Services

As part of the $7 billion TVS Group, TVS Credit Services empowers Indians from various socioeconomic backgrounds with financial products. Working for the cause of financial inclusion they serve over 2.5 million customers by providing loans for two-wheelers, three-wheelers and…

These IIT Delhi Batchmates Created A Startup That Uses AI To Ward Off IT Infrastructure Anomalies

Over the past few years, India has witnessed an explosion of startups in analytics and artificial intelligence domain. With India’s lucrative analytics market expected to grow by seven times in the next few years, the startups today are equipped with…

Practical Experience Is Key To Bridging Talent Gap In Analytics, Says Sheeba Rajam of TEG Analytics

Sheeba Rajam speaks on the trends in analytics and the hiring scenario surrounding this field. Sheeba, who heads the Customer Advocacy, Operations and Talent Acquisition division at TEG Analytics, talked to Analytics India Magazine about various aspects that are important…

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