Hiring a good BI magician

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  1. Aurovrata says:

    A small added note to the above article on visualization techniques…. here is an interesting link I found which is a visual chart that depicts what type of diagrams to use to display different type of analysis:


  2. Aurovrata says:

    A note about the skills and importance of graphical communications, here is a video by David McCandles (what do you expect with a name like his 🙂 on the TED network which beautifully illustrate how information comes alive when the visual representation is done with thought and understanding.

    Video here: http://tinyurl.com/DavidMcCandles-TED

    In order to make such visually communicative graphs, there are two important skills at play:(i) the need for the person to understand importance of the information represented by the numbers; and (ii) the creative thinking to best imagine how to represent this data in a visually communicative way, ie so much so that someone with little affinity for numbers can still grasp the importance of the information being communicated, such as the point at the beginning of the video, how to make sense of all the numbers that appear in the media, disconnected, and of such huge proportion that they are difficult to relate to our ordinarily life for the majority of us. Neat!

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