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What is a Full Stack Data Scientist?

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  1. Kumar Mankala says:

    The approach suggested is a nice one which helps build business capabilities through democratization and exploration (…I am referring to the ideation in the conception phase described above…). But, large ‘old-world style built’ enterprises, typically have predictable and defined capability roadmaps (like those 2020 roadmaps). What will help is to tie these roadmaps to the above conception phase. Unless one ties this well, in these organizations, one wont get funding or the right attention during formulation or execution :)….Would love to hear experiences on how this was done in a nimble org. such as Facebook. Any learnings?

  2. Mingrui says:

    As a business guy in the startup world, I thought this this is a really good explanation for someone who’s not already up to their neck in code. I like how the author offers a bigger picture view of what full stack means and how to relate it to the workplace. The structure and logic are very similar to something a former coworker who studied engineering at Berkeley explained to me when he was emphasizing why people should be consider the architecture of the code versus what specific language is being used.

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