From IT to Analytics: Vilas Wakale

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  1. Jaspal says:

    Hi Bhaskar – Thanks for the nice article.. I wanted to know how easy or difficult is this course for a Chartered Accountant (in service sector, not private practice)? I’ve an experience with number crunching but of course they are more financial in nature and different from what this course might cover. With no experience in coding, is it advisable (and meaningful) for a CA to pursue this course as a mid-career shift? thanks in advance for your time.

  2. Rohit Varshney says:


    I am into ERP from IT Service and Consulting factories since and around 10 + years.
    Reading thru and trying an inset to understand about Data Analytics/Business Analytics, 1 quick question comes is what programming language is to be bet in knowledge to work with humongous Gigas of data
    and 2) are there specific technologies under Data Analytics.

    Thank You !

  3. Seema Kadian says:

    Hi Bhaskar,

    Thanks for the great article. However, there are still few questions in mind. I am in IT (developement) for 9 years and want to take up PGPBA at Great Lakes. After this course, will I be treated as a fresher in field of Analytics? What about my previous work experience? Any guess what would be the pay package after this course for a job in Analytics?

    1. Bhasker Gupta Bhasker Gupta says:

      I dont think you will be treated as fresher in analytics, given you bring significant experience in another field. But again, not at the same level with someone with 9 years in analytics. Still from my experience, I have noticed that non-starters are able to bridge in gap in just few years.

  4. Ashish Agrawal says:

    Great article..it is eye opener for many of us who want to change the career from IT to elsewhere but are hesitant to do that..I think we shall start exploring the interest areas be it data analytics or other..
    ~ Ashish Agrawal

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