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  1. naits says:

    Hey Sashi,
    Do you have vacancies in your company, for people who are experienced in data analytics and live and breathe cricket. From a personal prospective the whole goal of analytics is to weed out the bias and percerptions that play a large role in a player getting selected or dropped. Also if each of the competing teams in any give competition have a good enough talent pool and a good analytics team. It would lead to selection of better teams. And in turn that will promote better cricket. Kindly let me know if there any vacancies.

  2. Dipayan Chakraborty says:

    Hi Shashi,

    Lovely concept and as a cricket nut, one that is likely to consume an inordinately high amount of my time :-). Just one query, how different is your application from Statsguru by cricinfo ?

    1. Shashi says:

      Hi Dipayan,

      Thanks for visiting the Cricmetric website and for your kind words.

      One way in which we are trying to differentiate ourselves is by going beyond just the traditional statistics, and formulating advanced statistics (such as win probability/win probability added etc.) that gives a better evaluation of the player performances. Additionally, we are also collecting data for all international matches at the most granular level possible (even the fielding data), on which we can do any kind of quantitative analysis.

      We are gradually adding web interface for many of these statistics on Cricmetric, so stay tuned!

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