Comparison of Analytics Courses in India: Jigsaw Academy and IIM Bangalore

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  1. Shining_Ruby says:

    Hi ashish,
    I want to know if doing such analytics course will help to switch my career to analytics.
    I have done masters in engineering.. and currently working as assistant professor in engineering institute. now wants to change my career..do you think doing analytics course will help me in starting my career..?? I am good in coding and algorithms…please guide me…
    thanks in advance..

  2. shanker says:

    Hi Golu Mama

    I graduated from science and not maths.I have 10+years of experience in Finance and Banking industry.Is BA the rght course for me?If so please suggest me the correct course or tool to go with?

  3. shanker says:

    I am an MBA(correspondence) right now, i am interested in the BA course. I need a institute from which I can do the course as well as get the placement assistance in Hyderabad region.I have 10+years experience in Finance

  4. Reshma says:

    Hi Ashish,
    I had undergone training in Microsoft BI. Can you give me an insight as to how studying Business Analytics will help. I am thinking of taking up a foundation course in Analytics.
    Thank You

  5. VinMan says:

    hi Ashish I see many reds – is that because you expected them from the course and you felt it important to put them on this list? If that is so than Jigsaw seems to have quite a few of them. BTW those reds are exactly what are used by companies – the other ones are basic stuff and can be learned on a medley of youtube and google searches. I have written to Jigsaw but with their growth their response seems to have slowed down

  6. ajay says:

    Hi Ashish
    I am doing my MBA right now, i am interested in the BA course. I need a institute from which I can do the course as well as get the placement assistance in NCR region.

  7. Gayathri says:

    Hello Ashish,

    I have 8 years experience as an Process Automation Engineer after completing Bachelor degree Instrumentation engineering.I have worked with companies like ABB,Yokogawa and now considering to move into software domain into analytics field.

    As far as I am aware in my domain of work ,there are no oppurtuities in analytics field (at least as of now).Please advice whether this move is feasible since I am not from software domain.Will the course from Jigsaw help me?Is this career shift possible?

    Thankyou very much in advance

    1. Gaurav says:

      Hello Gayathri

      Its wrong to think that analytics is relevant only in software or BPO or other conventional information intensive fields. Though analytics involves deriving intelligence from data, it finds applications all around. Like in life science to actuaries to banking and also to manufacturing as well. The last one is the one that closely relate to your work profile. Any manufacturing involves procurement and supply chain. Here analytics is immensely significant and finds deeper applications from those in inventory planning, production planning, demand forecasting, cost analytics, spend analytics etc. Apart from these, in manufacturing domain, analytics is being widely used in after sales services- reliability analytics, predictive failure analytics etc. These help manufacturing giants plan for services that may be required in the future at its customer sites and the necessary inventory and support back up.

      One of the biggest scope for analytics to enter our daily lives lies in the digitization of power distribution system. Data to flow from every house hold in terms of usage and demand.

      Thus, if one has a flair for data and can speak the language of numbers, analytics is jthen, just another way of doing your normal day to day business.

  8. Renjith Krishnan says:

    Dear Ashish , Thank you for your information. I would like to know whether the course provided by Jigsaw is enough to try for SAS base certification?

  9. ankit says:

    hii ashish i want to know will it be a good option going for isb business analytics course as i am a fresher in mba marketing and graduated in engineering

  10. golu mama says:

    Being in the Industry for more than 15+ years in data analysis space, I would recommend people not to chase SAS or for that matter any SAS training institute : Please learn R if possible Python and/or Octave. if you master R / Python you will learn SAS in 15 days.

    1. Ashish says:

      The learning curve for R is steep. However,One should make a good strategy in his/her early stage of career option to learn SAS /R/Python. Armed yourself with multiple statistical packages to make good career moves and become versatile and diverse in skill set to learn to solve complex business problems.

      1. golu mama says:

        This is wrong notion – learning packages is nothing , learning subjects is the key – Stat, Linear Algebra ML, etc. A good knowledge of computing in any of the computing packages and language.

        The learning curve for R is not steep – if you good grounding in Vector and Matrix, and data type list. That’s it you are done with it.

        if you do not know stat, even in a linear regression problem you will not know – what is Influential data points, student Residual ..dfbetas etc. what to you do with it. How to check normality assumptions.

        I have gone through the list you shared / topics you shared ..full of vague items – such as Analytics with R . Data Manipulation and Transformation Techniques for “What” ???.

        I can make Rank Variable into “Normal” by Bloom Transformation. Do I need a training for this?

        I would say all look at MOOC courses by great universities – that is a good starting point?

        1. harsha says:


          Can you briefly provide information on MOOC courses, which institute is authorized…please provide us the information


        2. Rohit Kshirsagar says:

          Golu Mama,

          I think you made a fine point when you said
          “learning subjects is the key”

          Could you please share how one should learn R – the learning path.
          ditto for stats. A couple of recommendations for books and MOOCs would be great!

          Thanks much!

  11. Gaurav D Purkayastha says:

    Hello Ashis
    Thank you for your informative article. I understand Jigsaw Academy has two versions of courses — live instructor-led training and offline training. Since my Job situation is unpredictable, with high work pressure, my availability on weekends is not certain. In this case, can you do a practical comparison of both courses ? I want to know the pros and cons of both before investing. Also, though I have a science / engineering background, over two decades of working I have forgotten the mathematical / statistics concepts that would probably be necessary in order to grasp the concepts of analytics. Can you suggest any background preparation before I jump in? I don’t want to start the course and find the material too much to handle.
    Thanks once again.

  12. Ravi says:

    Great Lakes Institute of management, Gurgaon has introduced a new specialization for its flagship PGPM (1 year full time program) in Business Analytics, in addition to the already offered specializations in Marketing, Finance and IT/Operations. The Business Analytics specialization will be focusing on the current market needs while equipping the students with the required knowledge and skill set.Some of the subjects taught in BA are :

    Business Analytics
    SAS for Analytics
    Business Intelligence
    Marketing and Retail Analytics
    Web and Social Media Analytics
    Risk and Fraud Analytics
    Supply Chain and Logistics Analytics
    Applied Analytics in Industry Domains

  13. Krishnakumar K A says:

    Hello Ashish, thanks for sharing the information. I would like to know Jigsaw Academy is using licensed SAS or pirated SAS. There is a lot of difference in the training getting in licensed version and pirated SAS.

    1. Krishna says:

      Hi Krishnakumar,
      Jigsaw Academy has trained over 2000 people and they have students in over 20 countries. This would not be possible if they were using pirated licenses.
      You can check some of their training videos on http://www.youtube.com/jigsawacademy. If they were not using licensed software, they would not be putting this videos on youtube.

      1. Santosh says:

        They have licenses of WPS ( SAS clone) and it is similar to SAS and not pirated for sure. From my personal experience Jigsaw is a crediatble organization of people who love to teach and not in the business to ONLY make money but teach analytics for sure.

  14. Neelesh says:

    Can anybody throw light on this course –classroom sessions EPBABI- IIM-Ranchi.
    They are starting the 3rd batch in July 2013.
    Very urgent please

  15. Mahima says:

    Hi Ashish

    Thanks for sharing the information
    I am planning to join Jigsaw foundation course. I already know a few statistical techniches and have experience in market research. how do you think it can help me in getting into analytics
    it would be great if you can share your email id or phone no

    Thanks a lot

  16. VMS30 says:

    Hi Ashish.

    Thanks for the comparison and the feedback about the courses.
    In lay mans words, these courses teach the different techniques with which one can churn the given expanse of data for the required information. Correct me if wrong . Then how much emphasis is given on the business acumen ?


  17. sakar says:

    Hi Ashish,

    Please share your number, as I want to discuss about the IIM BI course.
    Thanks in advance

  18. rameshbv says:

    Hi, am from hyderabad working with a leading bank in their retail franchise, i use more BI reports in my day to day work and iam fascinated by Business analytics., can you pls suggest where should i start in Business analytics..my background is MBA ( Finance and Systems), and i have over 10 years of experience in a leadership role. Pls suggest any institute in hyderabad to start with apart from ISB.

    1. Vamsi Krishna Pannala says:

      Dear Ramesh

      International School of Engineering is offering a 5-Months program on Big Data Analytics and Optimization. Why dont you check out the site here.


  19. Tejas says:

    Hello Ashish,
    Thanks for this summary. I am interested in developing my career as a business analyst however I donot have statistics background. I was thinking of taking the the Business Analytics Program from IIM-C.

    What do you recommend I study before my classes begin so that I have my basics clear and can understand better.

    Thanks in advance!

  20. ashbhar says:

    First of all thanks for summing it up. I have decided to sign up for the Business Analytics and Intelligence Program from IIMB. I don’t have a statistics background so you can say I am a novice. Having said that, I do keep reading about Model building, analytics, etc.

    What do you recommend I study before my classes begin so that I have the basics clear.

    Thanks again.

  21. rajesh says:

    Hi Deepak, Can I get your number? This is my email.i(raj271276@gmail.com) . If you would like to share with me about Business Analytics & Business Intelligence Course of IIM Ranchi.

  22. Raghav says:

    Good one Ashish! 🙂

    1. Ashish Jain says:

      Thanks Raghav….

  23. Deepak.Rai says:

    Hi Ashish,

    Thanks for sharing this useful information.
    I have also done Foundation Course in Analytics & Financial Analytics from Jigsaw. I am totally agree with you both the courses are really complementary to each other. Now I am studying Business Analytics & Business Intelligence Course from IIM Ranchi.
    IIM Ranchi has also come up with a nice detailed course in Business Analytics & Business Intelligence and the duration is only 3 months also the price is not much high.
    Deepak Rai

    1. gurjayant singh malvai says:

      Hi Deepak, Can I get your number? need some guidance on analytics.

    2. rajesh says:

      Hi Deepak, Can I get your number? This is my email.id. If you would like to share with me about Business Analytics & Business Intelligence Course of IIM Ranchi.

    3. Manoj Mishra says:

      Hi Deepak,
      Can I have your email ID please ?
      I’m interested in EPBA course from IIM Ranchi or other IIMs as I am already connected to BI with over 3 yrs of work ex.
      My email ID is manoj.mishra1311@gmail.com.
      It would be great if you could help me out.


    4. Muthuraj says:

      Hi Deepak,
      I have enrolled for EPBABI course but am very sceptical about the usefulness of this certification…kindly clear a few doubts…
      How was the course at IIM Ranchi??
      Could you please shed some light on the value of this course in the current job scenario??
      Does it help freshers to enter analytics sector??
      Please do share your views…


  24. shankareee says:

    Hi Ashish Jain,

    The Information provided by you is of immense help to me. I am glad that you have so many information on the same. However, if you have online materials for the above courses i.e i mean e books, pdfs. Is it possible to share it with me? My e mail id is shankareee@gmail.com. Pls dont mistake me. It would be of immense help if you do this as I am very much interested to set my career in the field of Analytics. Awaiting revert for the same.

    Thanks in Advance.

    Warm Regards

    R Shankara Narayanan

    1. Ashish Jain says:

      You can download many materials from internet. visit the following websites


      Ashish Jain

      1. Amit Garg says:

        Hi Ashish,
        Can i get your number please?
        I want to have a quick discussion about IIM B Analytics program.
        I am into Business Analysis area and want to enter into Analytics field through this course.

        Amit (agarg27@gmail.com)

      2. AS says:

        Hi Ashish,

        How easy or difficult is it to learn about analytics through self- study only?
        I have a background of working in database technology for financial domain for the last 9 years; do you thing i can go over the online material and understand this?

        Many Thanks,

  25. Prasanna says:

    Hi Ashish,

    Thanks for sharing the info.

    Can we get info on the weightage of the course in the job market. Would you recomd someone in Reporting area to take up the course to become a business analysts.

    How much can this course scale up to a real MBA with respect to Business Analytics.

    Thanks in advance


    1. apurv says:

      Hi Prasanna,

      Wold me let me know about which course did u take up finally, I have pretty much the same background as yours and I am confused whether to go ahead with IIM-R EPBABI or Jigsaw.

    2. rajesh says:

      hi ashish,
      i done my mba with risk mangement but i dnt have any experience in analytics, field so pls help me if i pursue this course how much it will helpful for my career suggest me asap.

    3. sachins uninor says:

      i done my mba in finance i want to learn analytics course so pls suggest me how it will helpful for my career

  26. Ramki@digitalmarketinganalytics.net says:

    Thanks for sharing the course content & fee info. Can you pls. brief on how you approach the business problem. Can you share the best practice on approach a business problem?

    1. sachins uninor says:

      hi ashish
      i done my mba with finance i want to learn analytics course, let me inform me how much it will helpful for my career.

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