Toon: Bottom Decile

Courtesy: Sandeep Mittal

Cambridge Analytica Controversy: A Timeline Of Events

The Cambridge Analytica controversy has raised a big question on Facebook’s privacy policy.  It overall…

Toon: Big Data is Cat

Courtesy: Sandeep Mittal

Infographic: State Of Artificial Intelligence In India- 2017

With time artificial intelligence has grown to be one of the most disruptive technological trends…

This Website Uses Convolutional Neural Networks to Create Artistic Masterpieces That Would Blow Your Mind

Well, most of you might be aware of this russian website called Ostagram, but if you…

Infographic: 10 Real Life Examples Of BCI Devices That You Can Control With Your Thoughts

Since the first experiments of Electroencephalography (EEG) on humans by Hans Berger in 1929, the…

Infographic: Google’s AI Start-up Acquisition Spree

Over 200 private AI-based companies have been acquired since 2012 and Google leads the acquisitions…

Infographic – Poker & AI: The Rise of Machines Against Humans

Perhaps one of the biggest advancements of technology in recent years is the appearance of…

Toon: Cypher 2050

Courtesy: Sandeep Mittal

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