Infographic: Some fun facts about Chatbot

Chatbot has become become the most talked about technology and has made a good presence…

Infographic: What do Analytics Companies look for in a Fresher’s Resume

Fetching a job for freshers has always been a tiresome job. And coming from the…

Infographic: To Drive or Be Driven?

To gather a group of stuntmen to jump out of self-driving Hyundais, while moving, sounds…

How to transition your career from engineering to data science

Undoubtedly, transitioning from engineering to data science is one of the trickiest transitions in the…

Toon: Strangely Convergent Professions

Courtesy: Sandeep Mittal

Toon: Data Mining

Courtesy: Sandeep Mittal  

Toon: Targeted Campaign

Courtesy: Sandeep Mittal  

Infographic: All Analytics News For The Year 2016

Here we bring a summary of all the top stories in the form of infographic…

Toon: Big Red Action Button

Courtesy: Sandeep Mittal

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