NPS Scores

Courtesy: Sandeep Mittal

Customer 360 view

Courtesy: Sandeep Mittal

10 Humorous Cartoonists to follow if you are a Data Scientist

Humor cannot be detached from Business (or even technology for that matter), and business cartoons…

The GOD?

Courtesy: Sandeep Mittal

Mobile Analytics Tools

Having data from the web is one thing. Knowing what to do with that data?…

Infographic – Sector Spotlight Energy Storage

The Energy Storage sector is seeing a surge in terms of new and innovative products,…

Infographic: Air Transport Readiness by 2018

According to SITA, the combination of connected technology and connected people is helping to reshape…

Infographics: Comedy Nights Live

Recently Krushna Abhishek took over from Kapil Sharma in a famous comedy daily Soap by…

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