Vinodh Ravindranath
Vinodh Ravindranath
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Vinodh Kumar is one of the top industry leaders when it comes to search, ranking and machine learning. After securing All India Rank #1 in GATE Computer Science 1999 and earning his Masters in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Science, Vinodh went on to lead the Google News team building its core ranking algorithms and the Google Music / Apps Marketplace teams at Google. Subsequently, he was the CTO and Managing Director of Bloomreach where he built the e-commerce search engine platforms at Bloomreach. Now as CTO of, he is applying his strong technology and machine learning experience to something he is truly passionate about - helping people find where they belong in their careers.

Childhood Comic Hero Suppandi Meets Machine Learning & Applying Lessons To Regularisation Functions

  Suffice to say that any Indian childhood is almost incomplete without a rendezvous with India’s evergreen comic hero Suppandi. Suppandi was the antithesis of a typical protagonist, goofing up almost on every task assigned to him. Most of the…

The World Of Cost Functions — Inclusivity, Majoritarianism And Oligarchy

Most machine learning problems boil down to fitting a set of observations(points) to some mathematical curve (simplistically referred to as the “model” in machine learning parlance). That yields a compressed representation that can be used for applications including prediction and…

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