Vikas Kamra
Vikas Kamra
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Vikas is co-founder & CEO of Data Analytics firm, Valiance Solutions. He spear heads business development efforts at Valiance. With Valiance he has consulted with Life Insurers, Retailers on various business problems with application of advanced analytics. Prior to Valiance, Vikas has worked as IT consultant with Investment banks like Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, Jefferies. He is an IIT Delhi Graduate and CFA level 2 qualified.

How to make your First Big Data Initiative a Success? – A Vendor’s Perspective

Big data analytics offers revolutionary capabilities but achieving results requires a strategic vision—and a view into how it can create business value. Over the last few years, the term “big data” has evolved from a vague concept into a mainstream…

Analytics: No Pain, No Gain

We did an analytics exercise for a US client recently in education domain that had all the flavors of roadblocks one can encounter on venturing into analytics territory. I intend to summarize those here along with solutions we found in…

Beyond BI, Before Predictive Analytics

Usage of Advanced Analytics is fast becoming more pervasive amongst Insurers in India. Players with bigger market share and those that have been around in the industry for quite some time have been really aggressive in this play with in…

Making a Case for Subscription Based Predictive Analytics Solutions

  Predictive Analytics is slowly but steadily garnering attention from business stakeholders in India. As a means of adoption clients are experimenting with different approaches ranging from bring in consulting companies like Mckinsey, partnering with analytics software vendors like SAS…

Valiance Solutions

Overview Valiance Solutions is a global Analytics and Technology Solutions company based out of Noida India with client base across US and India. It was founded in 2011 by team of experienced consultants and business analysts from IIT’s having combined…

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