Vancheeswaran Vaidyanathan
Vancheeswaran Vaidyanathan
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Vancheeswaran is a part of the AIM Writers Programme. He says that his love for astrophysics and astronomy started when he was in Class VI when he was looking at the stars and trying to spot constellations. He is now interested in data analytics and quantum computing. His hobbies include (but aren't limited to) cricket, making cool stuff with SoCs (like Raspberry Pi), coding and travelling. He is currently doing his BE in Electronics & Communication Engineering in Chennai.

How Quantum Computing Is Becoming A Reality

We have long worked on quantum mechanics and it has been suggested since 1980 by eminent scientists like Paul Benioff, Yuri Manin, Richard Feynman and David Deutsch that quantum computer can be created. One of the biggest questions in all…

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