Upasana Mukherjee
Upasana Mukherjee
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Upasana is an Assistant Manager in the Digital Consulting Practice of the Management Consulting Division of KPMG .

The AI Manifesto For Executives & Why It Should Be A Strategic Imperative

In the previous article of this series, I discussed how AI is at the heart of the digital transformation, can reap benefits across the value chain for industries spanning 3 pillars Redefine the Business Model Re-evaluate the Value Chain Re-imagine…

How Artificial Intelligence Is At The Heart Of Digital Disruption

Time and again, key success mantras for organisations across industries have revolved around 3 key themes. Become “ONE” with the Customer : Go beyond the Conventional Products and Services Keep Operations“Lean” Innovate around your “Core Competencies “ Sounds simple? Most…

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