Dr Umashankar Venkatesh
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Director - PGPM and Professor, Great Lakes Institute of Management. With over 26 years of rich experience, Prof. Umashankar Venkatesh is an educational entrepreneur, who has helped launch many institutions of higher learning in his career. He has helped set-up five institutions of higher learning in India, both public and private, enacting key leadership roles in conceptualizing, designing, implementing and managing, innovative study programs - with many international partners viz. Lancaster Univ. UK; Oxford Brookes Univ. UK; Bradford Univ. UK; Greenwich Univ. UK etc.

Marketing analytics: Understanding the customer journey

Customers, whether – end-users or intermediate – while making a purchase, usually go through a series of activities and decisions pertaining to satisfying their needs in a way in which they consider that they will best achieve the specific requirements…

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