Sujain Thomas
Sujain Thomas
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Sujain thomas is a technical consultant, working for many leading technology corporate as well as third-party service providers. She is also an expert in remote DBA Oracle administration and used to publish user articles in blogs and websites.

Big data management is now easier with Salesforce Dx

Salesforce has been on top of the marketing software and CRM domain for a long time now. In 2016, following their Dreamforce Conference, the thought leaders introduced extensive changes to the platform. This gradually amends the face of marketing platform-based…

The biggest big data trends of healthcare in 2017

Big data is saving lives, and that’s not a fairytale. It has been changing lives in many ways. Big data is bringing a welcome shift in the healthcare sectors. Healthcare analytics cannot only help reduce the cost of healthcare facilities…

Practical Tips on Finding the Best Remote Oracle DBA for Data-Driven Marketing

Marketing was once considered a mysterious art or black magic, but now we all know that it is more of a quantifiable, data-based specialty that can be mastered. In this era of information technology, the new-generation digital marketers proclaim that…

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