Tony Boobier
Tony Boobier
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Tony Boobier is an independent consultant and published author on analytics. Previously a world-wide Executive with IBM, he is a well known international speaker and commentator and is qualified in engineering, insurance, marketing and supply chain management. Entering the financial services sector over 30 years ago he has spent the last decade focussing on analytics with a particular interest in geospatial analytics - 'everything and everyone is somewhere'. He lies awake at night 'thinking about the convergence of business and technology'.

Is it Spring or the Next Winter for Artificial Intelligence in India?

In the story of Artificial Intelligence, the periods of between 1974–80 and 1987–93 are often referred to the AI Winter. That was a time when following a time of hype and heightened expectation about the topic, and because of failure…

How India will change Artificial Intelligence

It’s been an interesting couple of months. In between helping set up a new IoT insurance center in Munich and some corporate restructuring, I’ve also been catching up on my reading. There’s a lot in the press about ‘artificial intelligence’…

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