Tanveer Saulat
Tanveer Saulat
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Tanveer is co-founder of Synechron and serves as its General Manager. He leads and manages Synechron's Global Development facilities in Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai, India, using his extensive knowledge conceptualising and implementing people strategies and initiating talent development programs. With wide experience in the field of Human Resources, Tanveer also oversees Resourcing and Recruitment activities at Synechron. Tanveer is known for his natural affinity to people that has enabled him to build up team spirit and unlock intellectual potential through training and development initiatives to improve job performance and quality. He has been instrumental in attracting and retaining talent for Synechron and putting in place a team of world-class professionals.

Almost 2 Million People From The Indian IT Sector Are Being Re-Skilled Because Of The Gap In Analytics Industry And Academia

The trend of analytics started picking up steam around the year 2015. Fast-forward to today, and now every organisation understands the need for analytics and are hiring analytics professionals across verticals. In India, the scope is huge, and there is…

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