Tamal Chowdhury
Tamal Chowdhury
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Tamal Chowdhury is a distinguished AI Executive and CTO with extensive experience in AI-powered product and platform engineering, cognitive automation, data science, machine learning, Big Data, Blockchain and IoT. He specialises in building global innovation structures for critical IP generation, large-scale digital transformation, and commercialisation of new ideas to fuel business growth. Tamal currently serves as Senior Vice President of Artificial Intelligence at Course5, an analytics, insights, and AI company. Previously, he served as the Senior Director and Head of India Development Center for one of the largest technology divisions at Oracle Corporation, a Fortune 100 company. He is a futurist, and is passionate about leveraging AI to solve complex challenges of the real world.

Why The Best Way To Prepare For AI Is By Studying Past Technological Revolutions

Scientific and technological advancements have always had significant impacts on human lives over the course of history. Artificial intelligence, as a major technological force, has already started exhibiting its impact at a global level. However, this is just the beginning.…

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