Sulabh Jain
Sulabh Jain
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Sulabh Jain is the Executive Director at Impact Analytics. He facilitates the data analytics decision making for IA's clients in the US. He is an experienced business consultant with expertise across retail, IT services and business improvement projects. He has worked with BCG in India and has ran a startup in the B2C domain.

How Analytics-Driven Store Clustering Can Drive Sales And Profits In Retail

Personalisation is the new mantra for retailers today. However, that should not be limited only for the customers but also be adopted as a strategy towards growing store sales. ‘One-size-fits-all’ approach would no longer work for achieving strong store-level growth…

Personalisation Can Help Brick-And-Mortar Stores Compete With Online Retail

Each individual customer’s preference is quite different. Aspects such as needs, wants and perspectives are highly subjective. Consequently, their price sensitivity, brand choices and consumption patterns are also different. For example, a young customer’s purchase behaviour compared to an older…

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