Subhashini Tripathi
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From 2002 onwards, Subhashini has a decade of experience across roles in Analytics in Retail Finance and Banking. These roles have been across Risk Management , Collections strategy , Fraud Control and Marketing in GE Money, Standard Chartered Bank, Tata Motors Finance and Citi GDM . Her area of interest is the integration of results / outputs of Analytics with Business Decisions – Tactics and Strategy. She is currently active in the Analytics Training and Consulting arena.

The Best Business Analytics Software

We’re here today to talk about the Magic quadrant for business intelligence and analytics platforms, which is published annually by Gartner. We hope to answer questions like –   [highlight] Is SAS the best software in Analytics ? What is…

Start a career in Analytics…… with Excel 2010

Talk to people who want a career in Analytics and one of the first questions they will ask is – ‘how can I have a career in Analytics with no access to softwares like SAS, SPSS etc.??  And my answer…

A Typical Day In The Life Of An Analyst

One of the common thoughts in the mind of the new MBA is – how will my typical work day span out? What will I be doing for 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week if I were to…

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