Sovan Krishna
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Analytics learner, believer and follower having one year analytical experience as a Business Analyst. An Electronics & Communication Engineer holding a master degree in "Business Analytics & Retail" from Praxis Business School. Who believes Today all content lives in the Mr. X’s model of Universe starting from You-tube, Face book, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn to mail boxes (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Rediff etc.) getting the data is not important, getting the insight is essential, getting the insight is not enough, visualizing it with accuracy, clarity and integrity is the ultimatum.

Principles of Data Visualization

Data visualization is nothing but “How to tell stories with Data” or “Helping audience to understand, which sometimes otherwise difficult to see” or “Capturing an issue and delivering visual representation so that audience can connect immediately ” Today all content…

Great Visualizations – Examples

Getting right content to right people at the right time is essential, which should be unique identity of an analytics division & also be able to handle large scale of data via non-traditional analytic techniques and visualizes it in real…

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