Siddhartha Chatterjee
Siddhartha Chatterjee
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He is the CTO & GM, Cloud Services at Persistent Systems. He began his tenure at Persistent Systems in 2015. As Chief Technology Officer for the company, he is responsible for technology leadership both externally and internally. Prior to Persistent, Sid was with IBM for 13 years during where he has held multiple technical, strategic, managerial, and executive positions across IBM Research, IBM Systems & Technology Group, and IBM Global Technology Services.

Hackathons Are More Than Just Competitions, Serve As A Platform For Hiring In The Software Industry

If the word “hackathon” conjures up visions of youthful teams fuelled by pizza and caffeine engaged in an intense all-night coding session, you are missing many of its many possibilities. A hackathon can be used in many ways: as a…

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