Shailendra Kumar
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Shailendra is a Partner and Asia Distribution Leader for IBM Analytics based out of Sydney. Over the past 23 years, Shailendra has had experience in Business and Customer Analytics across Europe & the United Kingdom and in the Australian market place. Shailendra has expertise in building and optimising analytical processes; built upon his extensive knowledge of data driven strategies for revenue growth, operational improvements, productivity gains, cost reduction, marketing and customer behaviour management. His key mission is to make money out of data in the distribution sector which includes retail, CPG, travel and transportation sectors.

Cognitive Retail: The future is here

Cognitive technology is going to impact practically everything and it has glimpses of future that we have probably not even dreamt of. Getting back to the significant impact of Cognitive on various industries – none of them is going to remain…

What really is Unstructured Data? The Myth & Reality

There has been a lot of talk about the unstructured data since the conversation around big data started or shall we say that one of the reason of big data’s existence is the introduction and incorporation of unstructured data and…

Cognitive Computing – The new world of innovation

Since the discovery and emergence of computers, we know that they lack thought capacities. That is something where human mind surpasses computing technologies. However, the present times narrate a different story. Computers might not possess cognitive abilities, but they are…

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