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Robin Jose works as the Vice President and Head of Big Data Analytics for Reliance Jio. He is responsible for developing a big data analytics platform, and realize Jio’s goal of becoming the most data-driven Telco in the world. Prior to Reliance, he worked with some of the top Fortune 100 companies such as Cisco and Siemens developing some of the most innovative products and platforms. He has played the role of a Developer, Product Manager, Marketer, Strategist and Business head in his career. He is passionate about building great software products and platforms. His expertise includes SMAC Stacks, Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning technologies. His other interests include Neuroscience, Neuromarketing, Behavioral Economics and Competitive Strategy. He has a Masters in computer science from SRM Engineering College Chennai as well as business education from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. His profile can be viewed here: Robin Jose.

7 Recommendations for Big Data Analytics Investments

More than 50% of Big Data Analytics Projects Fail. In the article, ” 3 Questions to Invoke Magic“, I wrote about the Gartner report which stated more than 50% of Big Data Analytics fail, and the three questions that should…

3 Questions to Invoke Magic

My Glass is Half Empty… Big Data Analytics is riding the wave of a hype cycle. Gartner cycle puts it at much the top of in terms of buzz words. As with any buzz, there will be a lot of articles and…

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