Rik Das
Rik Das
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Rik takes keen interest in researching with feature extraction and machine learning/deep learning techniques for content based image classification. He has over 25 International publications in reputed journals and conferences in this domain. He has also authored and edited 3 different books on image classification. He is a PhD (Tech.) in Information Technology from University of Calcutta and is always open to collaborative research and consultancies. Currently, Rik is an Assistant Professor in Information Technology with Xavier Institute of Social Service, Ranchi.

Why Google Lens Is The Perfect Answer For Content Based Image Recognition

Google Lens is available to everybody as an application in the cell-phones. It is hardly used since it is just not another interface like Pixlr for clicking awesome selfies for social media profile. Why is it here in the first…

Here’s How Google Colaboratory Can Be Your Free GPU For Deep Learning

Recent trends in popularity of Data Science have kindled enormous research interests in data driven decision making. Researchers from industry as well as academia have expressed intense concern to propose and pursue novel techniques to address real time problems. As…

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