Mathangi Sri
Mathangi Sri
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Mathangi - is currently leading the Data Sciences team @Phonepe. She has 14+ years of proven track record in building world-class data sciences solutions and products. She has extensively worked on building chatbots, pricing systems, credit scoring systems and productizing text mining insights. She has 6 Patent grants and 20+ patents pending in the area of intuitive customer service, indoor positioning and user profiles. She is adept in machine learning, text mining NLP technologies & tools. Prior to Phonepe she has built data sciences team across organizations like Citi, 247 customer, Emirates NBD.

Hitting the Accelerator — A Data Science Leader’s Perspective on Getting More Value from AI Workloads

Research in Deep Learning started as early as the 1960s, though the term itself was coined in 1986. With accurate predictions becoming the need of the hour, the amount of computing available and the massive data being collected, Deep Learning…

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