Prof Purba Rao
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Dr. Purba Rao has been a Professor over the last 20 years teaching and conducting research on topics such as Predictive Modeling in Strategic Decision Making, Marketing Research, Business Analytics, Green Supply Chain Management, Corporate Environmental Management, and Social Entrepreneurship Management. She is a Fellow in Management from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, has a M.Sc. in Applied Math from Science College, University of Calcutta and a B. Sc. In Math (honors) from Presidency College Calcutta. Currently, she has been a Visiting Professor at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad IIMA, Great Lakes Institute of Management and IIM RANCHI.

Applying Conjoint Analysis for Provisioning of a New Restaurant

Business executives are often faced with difficult decisions which are often multi-dimensional. There are several aspects to be considered, and consumer preferences to be taken into account. Analytics experts strive to determine what factor is the most important to the…

A Heuristic Approach to Predictive Modeling, RFM Analysis

This paper discusses the basic postulates of Recency, Frequency & Monetary (RFM) analysis, a heuristic modeling approach, used in Predictive Analytics, to segment a target market into preferred segments and not so preferred segments. The preferred segments are characterized by…

Applying Business Analytics to promote young artists on Youtube

  The Aaryan Project case-study for Iktara Productions Cannes… Ritesh Ranjan | Abhishek Kumar Guru Krishnan V | Palaparthi Lalitha Under Purba H. Rao , Visiting Faculty   INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AHMEDABAD EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The project emphasizes on understanding…

A Real Life Application of Business Analytics: Technological Integration for Efficient and Sustainable Supply Chain in Indian Multi-Brand Retail

Authors Aditya Bhushan Amit Zanwar  Nishant Jain Purba H Rao Great Lakes Institute of Management East Coast Road, Manamai Village, Tamil Nadu, India 603102 Abstract In Indian retail industry where the performance of supply chain is of paramount importance, an…

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