Partha Sen
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A passion for solving complex business problems using quantitative methods, data mining and pattern recognition began as a hobby before leading Partha Sen to found Fuzzy Logix and develop its flagship product, DB Lytix, in 2007. Before Fuzzy Logix, Partha held senior management positions at Bank of America where his achievements included leading the initiative to build a quantitative model driven credit rating methodology for the entire commercial portfolio. In the portfolio strategies group, Partha led a team to devise various strategies for effectively hedging the credit risk for the bank’s commercial loan portfolio and for minimizing the impact of mark-to-market volatility of the portfolio of hedging instruments.

In-database analytics: The next “in” thing for Big Data

For those who hit the “snooze” button on earlier Big Data wake-up calls, consider this your espresso shot of information: Our society creates as much data in two days—approximately five exabytes of data—as all of civilization did prior to 2003.…

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