Nitin Srivastava
Nitin Srivastava
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Nitin (https://www.linkedin.com/in/nitinsrivastava/ ) is an experienced Data and Analytics consultant. For last two decades, he has been extensively working with large organizations in implementing and managing data warehouses and creating analytic solutions for various domains, predominantly in BFSI sector. At present Nitin is designated as Vice President with an MNC and leads the Data Technology teams in India.

India And China Are Adopting Blockchain In A Big Way. Here’s Why It’s Significant

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently hailed blockchain’s transformative potential and emphasised the need for “rapid adaptation,” a rare instance of a head of state publicly praising the technology during the inauguration of the 22nd edition of World Congress on…

Blockchain Technology: An alternative to prevent future data breaches

Companies with customer information and valuable intellectual property assets need to embrace a fool-proof and trustworthy technology rather than being purely applying defensive strategies using tools such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Many of your company’s valuable assets are…

Demystifying Crypto Assets: A Digital Barter System

In today’s world, crypto assets are changing the way businesses need to be built. Instead of getting the equity financing from founders and accredited investors, entrepreneurs are using ICO (Initial Coin Offering) financing route. In the crypto token version of…

Race for Artificial Intelligence chips

Once just a figment of the imagination of some our science fiction writers, artificial intelligence (AI) is taking root in our everyday lives. We’re still a few years away from having robots at our beck and call, but AI has…

Data Lake: What It Takes To Do It Right?

We are living in the age of digital transformation when voluminous data is getting created in diverse forms and shape. Every business is trying to derive more and more value out of the available data. One of the focus areas…

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