Nav Kesher
Nav Kesher
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Nav Kesher is the Head of Platform Data Sciences at Facebook. He has vast experience in bringing ideas to life, from early ideation and planning to development and growth. Nav specializes in the Data Sciences and Analytics fields, and has held various analytics roles and is also recruiting for Data Scientists to come work at FB. He holds a B.S. in Engineering and an M.B.A. in general management.

Data Lake or Data Warehouse or Both?

Even if you are working somewhere remotely close to data technologies, you may have heard about ”Data Lakes”? Couple years ago, when we first heard the term, we visualized petabytes of data in one place and subsequently had the question…

What is a Full Stack Data Scientist?

I always get this question – how do I become a full stack Data Scientist (DS)? Though we may not have as clear of a definition as we do today for a “full stack developer”, we have a sufficiently good…

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