Nathan Sykes
Nathan Sykes
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Nathan Sykes is the editor of Finding an Outlet, where he talks about the latest in all things business and technology.

Location-Based Data Is Key for the Future of Telecommunications

By now, the collective business world has realized the necessity of big data, modern analytics and related platforms. Whether you’re trying to understand how to market to your loyal customers or are trying to reel in a whale with lots…

Is Automation the Death of Data Entry?

In India and elsewhere around the world, data entry is a line of work that’s essential in industries ranging from marketing to finance. Indeed, a person would be hard-pressed to come up with a sector or career that doesn’t involve…

The Race for AI: How India Can Catch Up

It’s a common misconception that the United States is leaps and bounds ahead of other countries in the race to adopt artificial intelligence (AI). After all, both IBM and Microsoft — two of the biggest names in all of IT…

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