Mou Mukherjee Das
Mou Mukherjee Das
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The author is a media educator, media literacy trainer and a freelance author in Kolkata. She has to her credit several articles published in reputed journals and newspapers like Vidura, news mania, Sage etc. She has been invited by IIT Guwahati, IIM Kolkata and MICA (Mudra Institute of Communications) Ahmedabad to present her ideas and concepts.

Social Media, Artificial Intelligence And Blockchain Technology – The Deadly Combo Or The Saving Ryan?

Social mediums have emerged in a big way to connect with the world and has literally brought the whole universe into the fingertips. But while doing so it has also endangered the security of the fingers themselves, as the fingers…

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning – The New Edge Enablers In Advertising

Advertisers have always stunned the audiences with their innovative ideas and creative executions. The audiences have been left at tenterhooks as to how these advertisers have been able to enthrall or at least draw their attention amidst the cacophony of…

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