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Marketelligent is a leader in Advanced Analytics. We help businesses make the leap from basic reporting to predictive analysis. The firm is backed by senior professionals with rich experience across Consumer focused industries - Banking, CPG, Retail, Telecom, Energy and Media. We offer an affordable global delivery model leveraging the best of domain expertise and analytic capabilities.

Application of Decision Sciences in Retail Industry

Organized Retail has exploded in the last decade. To keep pace with changing industry dynamics, consumer’s evolving needs, and a highly competitive landscape; Retailers need to constantly evolve and adapt themselves to new trends. Marketelligent partners with Retailers in making…

Retaining Customers. Proactively.

Owning an indispensable and uncontested product or service may be the ideal scenario for Customer Retention; however in most industries, a lot of grey remains between what you and a competitor is offering.  Media engagement to influence a customer’s brand…

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