Titir Pal
Titir Pal
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Titir Pal is Head of Products & Solutions at Absolutdata Analytics

How Artificial Intelligence Helps Brands And Marketers Identify Hidden Buying Signals In Customers

Any salesperson who’s been around the block for some time will tell that most prospects will never express their intention to buy a product. Sales reps, therefore, look for certain behavioral traits or buying signals when interacting with the customer.…

4 Reasons Your Business Needs Predictive Selling

Predictive analytics usage is set for tremendous growth. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the top reasons why companies are bringing predictive selling into their sales technology lineup. Predictive analytics is designed to forecast prospects’ future behavior and…

Can Big Data Be Humanized?

Is big data, with its innumerable data points and previously undreamt-of processing power, all it’s supposed to be? Or are we missing the forest for the trees? These are the issues presented in a new book by Colin Strong, a…

Accelerate Value Extraction from Big Data Systems

Direct customer relationships are a privilege, but they also generate massive amounts of data. This wealth of information holds the potential to drive real frontline differentiation, if retailers have the right tools and approaches to make the most of this…

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