Krishanu Bhattacharyya
Krishanu Bhattacharyya
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Krishanu is a part of the AIM Writers Programme. He has done his MBA from Institute of Management, Christ University in Marketing. After that, he has worked in Marketing and Business development spanning across Market Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Account Management, Sales Enablement, Campaign Management and various aspects of Digital Marketing.

Data Analytics Has Changed The Way You’re Watching The World Cup & You Don’t Even Know It

We live in a country where a sport re-unites a billion people — from a young child to an adult — everybody is left mesmerised the day our cricketing icon dictates term to the opposition. I was in my college…

Case Study: How This Data-Powered Ride-Sharing Startup Is Revolutionising Bengaluru Traffic

What is the solution to the choked roads and bumper-to-bumper traffic in a city like Bengaluru? Thanks to emerging technology like artificial intelligence and data analytics, ride-sharing apps and services are aiming to solve this problem efficiently. Take the example…

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