Karan Bhalla
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With 12 years of relevant industry experience, Karan is a graduate in Management Information Systems from Virginia Tech and is an MBA in Finance from the University of Maryland. After spending 6 years at Capital One in the Credit Risk & Review functions, Karan has consulted at Fannie Mae, American Express and, most recently, British Telecom. At British Telecom, Karan was responsible for developing a process to analyze results at a consolidated Global level. As a Director at IQR, Karan is responsible for enhancing our client delivery as well as bringing a new perspective to our current analytical solutions.

Analytics: A “Moneyball” For Gaming

“Moneyball” is not only the name of an acclaimed book that was made into an even more applauded movie. And it’s not just how a low budget baseball team used analytical gauges of player performance to compete successfully even against…

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