Ishmeet Singh
Ishmeet Singh
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Ishmeet Singh is a serial entrepreneur, investor and currently an advisor to Deep Aero (, a company that is building an autonomous drone economy driven by Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. Their offerings are expected to bring a paradigm shift by bringing aviation and cargo logistics at consumers’ fingertips. He is a blockchain and cryptocurrency specialist who has previously built technology products for Fortune 500 companies like Mastercard, Metlife and Adobe. He has also built data-driven, intelligent technology platforms for hedge funds, finance, e-commerce, travel and healthcare companies in the past.

Thanks To Drones, The World Of Aviation Will Never Be The Same Again

When the world was consumed in arguments about viability of driverless cars, something of a higher order was taking place in Dubai. The city of sky high buildings witnessed world’s first self-flying taxi in September 2017. Moreover, the ruler of…

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